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Zomaar, omdat u een fantastisch publiek bent!

[nws247] netwaves 7.14: for your pleasure

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SWISCHCOtheque vs Bushmen, UK vs South Africa

First we like to thank everybody who was around @ Café Entrepot at 'our' edition of Lazy Sunday! And ofcourse the people who enjoyed the live broadcast!
After last week's being full with guestmixes RuE9 did it themselves this week!
Last Sunday was so inspiring that we could not loose that moment of creativity!

The first hour is a capture between the 29th and the 44th release of the UK-base 
SWISHCOtheque netlabel and is build out of tracks pushing and pulling you between floordancing and braindancing on acidish vibes.

The second hour we have a guestmix from DJ Khoisan on the South Afcican Bushmenrecords.
It 's the 2nd part of a 3 part series of mixes by Dj Khoisan, inspired by the movie "The Matrix", also dubbed the alternative soundtrack to the "The Matrix". As always, it contains only music by netlabel / creative commons artists and free music pioneers. Performed in the virtual underground club, Sub-Domain.

This mix is released on both on Bushmen Records and the Italian netlabel 51beats as part of a combined netlabel artist exchange initiative.

Greetz 'n' Beatz,


vanaf deze week begint netwaves het 7de seizoen, een geluksgetal, met een mengelmoes van genres, van electronica-330v. tot jazz-funk; 
kom ook op zondag 14 okt. na het stemmen een koffietjedrinken/pintjepakken/cavaatjeslurpen op het gloednieuwe concept 'Scorpio's Lazy Sunday Entrepot' in café Entrepot aan de Vaartkom: zondag 14 okt. serveert e-jay mb3 de kabbelendste netlabeltunes in de lounge-bar van 'klein Berlijn aan de vaartkom'

[nws234] netwaves 7.01: eclectikatessen

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