Sterrenplaten: Music On A Whim!

“Music On A Whim” is Harsh Agarwal, een nieuwbakken in Brussels residerende concertpromoter. “Experimental, improvised and everything else in between and beyond” is z’n ding.

Een maand geleden postte hij op Music On A Whim’s facebookpagina volgend statement:

“Music has always been something instinctive for me. I have struggled to put into words how it makes me feel. But at the same time it’s also something playful, something whimsical almost, given how there is little or no conscious thought going into choosing the music that I engage with.

This is my attempt to give back to music whatever little I can, considering all that it has given to me. As a start I will be organising shows in Brussels, hosting artists that I have come to admire and hopefully add to the diversity of the music scene in Brussels. I will also be looking to do some bookings and engaging in longer term projects with bands that I love.

I cannot wait to tell you about the projects I have been planning and I hope for your participation in any way you can. The announcement for the first show is coming soon, so watch this space for more.”

Niet veel later kwam die eerste show: An evening of Iranian electronic music: 9T Antiope + Rojin Sharafi. Ze zal plaatsvinden op zaterdag 4 maart in Les Ateliers Claus. Een spectaculaire double bill als eerste wapenfeit. Reden genoeg voor Sterrenplaten om Harsh te vragen om Music On A Whim te komen voorstellen in de uitzending van aanstaande vrijdag.

Luisteren kan deze vrijdag vanaf 9pm CET via Radio Scorpio op 106fm (Leuven) of!

De jongste Sterrenplaten – met werk van Amber Meulenijzer, Jef Mertens, Roxane Métayer, Kassem Mosse en meer – kan je nog steeds herbeluisteren via de link hieronder.