De Geluidsarchitect (dinsdag 20u): de planning! Vrijkaarten te winnen!

September 2015
>>> Dinsdag 08/09 (20u): eerste uitzending na de zomerpauze!
>>> Dinsdag 15/09 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Isbells + Illuminine (20/09 live in de Botanique)
>>> Dinsdag 22/09 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Acid Mothers Temple + Taman Shud (02/10 live in Vooruit (Gent))
>>> Dinsdag 29/09 (20u)

Oktober 2015
>>> Dinsdag 06/10 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Stearica + Embers (24/10 live in Achterban (Gent))
>>> Dinsdag 13/10 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Solstafir + The Ocean + Mono (25/10 live in Muziekodroom)
>>> Dinsdag 20/10 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Metz + The Garden + Crows (29/10 live in Trix)
>>> Dinsdag 27/10 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Chrome Brulée + Go March (07/11 live in AB)

De Geluidsarchitect – De 50 beste tracks van 2014

Berline0.33 – Castle in the Air
Big Ups – Goes Black
Black Market Karma – Heady Ideas
Camera – To the Inside
Carlos Cipa – Needle in a Doll
Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani – Whatever a Sun Will Always Sing
Caudal – Uprise
Chris Forsyth & the Solar Motel Band – The Ballad of Freer Hollow
Christian Fitness – Disturbing the Ache
Corrections House – Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill
Die! Die! Die! – Out of Mind
Dub Thompson – Pterodactyls
Exocomet – Cyclops
The Eye of Time – Catalonia Spain 1936
Fabrizio Paterlini – My Piano, the Clouds
Federico Albanese – Carousel #3
Gesloten Cirkel – Stakan
Goat – Talk to God
Hammerhead – Global Depression
Henry Blacker – Crab House
Holy Mountain – Star Kings
Karma to Burn – 56
MannGold de Cobre – Wahnsinn
Martyrdöd – Nödkanal
The Men – Different Days
Mono – Cyclone
Motorpsycho – Kvaestor
Nordmann – Rups
The Notwist – Kong
Old Man Gloom – Simia Dei
Ought – Today, More than Any Other Day
Papir – IIII-I
Peter Kernel – High Fever
Poppy Ackroyd – Feathers
Raketkanon – Florent
Rape Blossoms – Outlines
[SIC] – ShpS
Shellac – Dude Incredible
Skull Defekts – The Known Unknown
Sonson – Foghorn
Swans – Natha lie Neal
Thee Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra – Take Away These Early Grave Blues
Thurston Moore – Germs Burn
Total Control – Two Less Jacks
Viet Cong – Continental Shelf
We Stood like Kings – Akt IV
Winged Victory for the Sullen – Atomos XI
Wovenhand – Corsicana Clip
Yawns – White Lights
Yvette – Cuts Me in Half

15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect: de top 15 van de samensteller

1. Slint – Spiderland
2. Three Mile Pilot – The Chief Assassin to the Sinister
3. Juno – A Future Lived in Past Tense
4. I Like Trains – Elegies to Lessons Learnt
5. Barkmarket – L. Ron
6. …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Madonna
7. Explosions in the Sky – The Earth Is not a Cold Dead Place
8. 65daysofstatic – The Fall of Math
9. Russian Circles – Station
10. Shellac – At Action Park
11. Oxes – Oxes
12. Karate – Karate
13. Flying Horseman – Twist
14. Part Chimp – Thriller
15. Maserati – Inventions for the New Season

En verder: Codeine, Grails, Do Make Say Think, The For Carnation, June of 44, Mogwai, Mono, Motorpsycho, Isis, Neurosis, Pelican, Kong, Tortoise, The Mercury Program, Hurtmold, The Samuel Jackson Five, Shipping News, Shannon Wright, The Black Heart Procession, A Minor Forest, Scraps of Tape, TODD,…

15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect: de top 15 van de technieker

1. Slint – Spiderland
2. Sebadoh – Bakesale
3. God Is an Astronaut – God Is an Astronaut
4. Flying Horseman – Twist
5. Tomàn – Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear
6. Part Chimp – Thriller
7. 65 Days of Static – The Destruction Of Small Ideas
8. Casse Brique – Rebelote contre Coinche
9. Russian Circles – Station
10. BRNS – Wounded
11. Shannon Wright – In Film Sound
12. New Bleeders – New Bleeders
13. Federico Albanese – The Houseboat and the Moon
14. Drums Are for Parades – Master
15. Raketkanon – RKTKN #1

En verder: Spookhuisje, Tool, Sonic Youth, Explosions in the Sky, Samuel Jackson Five, Pavement, Velvet Underground, Porcupine Tree, de portables, Peter Kernel, Oxes, MIAVA, Kabul Golf Club, Fugazi, …

Top 40 van de luisteraars:

Het beste uit 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect: de top 40!

Alle stemmen zijn gesteld, jullie kozen deze platen als de beste uit 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect:

1. Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation
2. Slint – Spiderland
3. The God Machine – Scenes from the Second Storey

4. Sonic Youth – Dirty
5. Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
6. Sonic Youth – Goo
7. Explosions in the Sky – The Earth Is not a Cold Dead Place
8. Godspeed You Black Emperor – Lift Yr Skinnty Fists like Antennas to Heaven
9. Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen

10. Helmet – Meantime
11. Karate – Unsolved
12. Tool – Lateralus
13. Year of no Light – Ausserwelt
14. Girls against Boys – Venus Luxure No 1 Baby
15. Pavement – Crooked Rain Crooked Rain
16. Slowdive – Just for a Day
17. Shellac – At Action Park
18. Three Mile Pilot – The Chief Assassin to the Sinister
19. Russian Circles – Station
20. Juno – A Future Lived in Past Tense

21. PJ  Harvey – To Bring You My Love
22. Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come
23. At the Drive-in – Relationship of Command
24. Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will
25. Explosions in the Sky – Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die,…
26. Tomàn – Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear
27. Apse – Spirit
28. Amenra – Mass III
29. Godspeed You Black Emperor – Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada
30. Tortoise – Millions Now Living Will Never Die

31. Aereogramme – Sleep and Release
32. Three Mile Pilot – Another Desert, Another Sea
33. Flying Horseman – Twist
34. Young Widows – Old Wounds
35. Neurosis – Souls at Zero
36. Built to Spill – Perfect from Now on
37. This Will Destroy You – This Will Destroy You
38. Motorpsycho – Trust Us
39. And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Source Tags & Codes
40. Sebadoh – Harmacy

Stem voor het beste uit 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect!

Stem voor het beste uit 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect!

>>> Stuur uw top 5 (in volgorde!) naar

>>> Uitzending van de top 20: op dinsdag 11/11 van 20:00 tot 22:00

>>> cd-pakketten te winnen!

Kijk hieronder voor inspiratie (maar ook andere platen en ep’s zijn welkom)
Inspirez-vous de la liste ci-dessous (par contre, d’autres albums ou EP sont acceptés aussi)
Get some inspiration below (however, other albums and EPs are accepted as well)

Het beste uit 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect: de long list

31 Knots – It Was High Time to Escape
5ive – Hesperus
65 Days of Static – One Time for All Time
65 Days of Static – The Destruction Of Small Ideas
65 Days of Static – The Fall of Math
90 Day Men – Panda Park

Aereogramme – Sleep and Release
Aesthesys – Ascendere
Afghan Whigs – Gentlemen
Agents in Panama – A New Language for Clearer Pictures
Album Leaf, The – In a Safe Place
Alice Donut – The Untidy Suicides of Your Degenerate Children
All the Saints – Fire on Corridor X
Amen Düül II – Vive la France
Amenra – Mass III
American Analog Set, The – Know by Heart
American Analog Set, The – Promise of Love
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Madonna
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Source Tags and Codes
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – The Century of Self
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead – Worlds Apart
Angels Die Hard – Angels Die Hard
Apse – Spirit
Arab Strap – Fukd i.d. #2
Arab Strap – The Last Romance
At the Drive-in – Relationship of Command
Ativin – Interiors
Aucan – Aucan

Barkmarket – Gimmick
Barkmarket – L. Ron
Barkmarket – Lardroom
Baroness – Blue Record
Baroness – Red Album
Bastro – Diablo Guapo
Battles – EP C / B EP
Battles – Mirrored
Bear Claw – Slow Speed / Deep Owls
Beat Happening – Black Candy
Berg Sans Nipple – Form of…
Big Black – Atomizer
Big Black – Songs about Fucking
Big Ups – Eighteen Hours of Static
Birthday Party, The – Prayers on Fire
Bitch Magnet – Ben Hur
Black Heart Procession – Amore del Tropico
Black Heart Procession – Three
Black Heart Rebellion – Har Nevo
Black Heart Rebellion – Monologue
Black Mountain – In the Future
Black Mountain – Wilderness Heart
Blonde Redhead – Fake Can Be Just as Good
Blonde Redhead – In an Expression of the Inexpressible
Bluebridge the Quartet – Bluebridge the Quartet
Boris & Michio Kurihara – Rainbow
Brainiac – Hissing Prigs in Static Couture
BRNS – Wounded
Broadcast Sea – Lost Generation
Built to Spill – There’s Nothing Wrong with Love
Built to Spill – You in Reverse
Bulbul – Bulbul 6

Calla – Scavengers
Camberwell Now – The Ghost Trade
Camping – Dancing Days
Can – Tago Mago
Can – The Lost Tapes
Candy Machine, The – A Modest Proposal
Carlos Cipa – The Monarch and the Viceroy
Carlos Cipa & Sophia Jani – Relive
Carta – The Glass Bottom Boat
Caspian – The Four Trees
Caspian – You Are the Conductor
Casse Brique – Rebelote contre Coinche
Cave – Psychic Psummer
C-Clamp – Longer Waves
Cecilia Eyes – Mountain Tops Are Sometimes Closer to the Moon
Chelsea Wolfe – Pain Is Beauty
Chevreuil – Chateauvallon
Chris Forsyth – Solar Motel
Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory
Codasync – Pan Aroya
Codeine – Frigid Stars
Codeine – The White Birch
Collections of Colonies of Bees – Giving
Come – Gently down the Stream
Condor Gruppe – Demo
Couch – Profane
Cougar – Law
Crain – Heater
Craw – Craw
Crippled Black Phoenix – I, Vigilante
Crystal Antlers – EP
Cult of Luna – Somewhere Along the Highway

Dans Dans – I / II
Daturah – Reverie
Daughters – Daughters
December Lake, A – Demorecordings from the 2nd Floor
Destruction Unit – Deep Trip
Die! Die! Die! – Form
Dinosaur Jr – Farm
Dinosaur Jr – Where You Been
Disappears – Pre Language
Distorted Pony – Punishment Room
Do Make Say Think – Goodbye Enemy Airship the Landlord Is Dead
Do Make Say Think – Winter Hymn, Country Hymn, Secret Hymn
Do Make Say Think – You, You're a History in Rust
Don Caballero – What Burns Never Returns
Don Caballero – World Class Listening Problem
Dreamend – As if by Ghosts
Drift, The – Memory Drawings
Drive like Jehu – Drive like Jehu
Drive like Jehu – Yank Crime
Drums Are for Parades – Master
Dub Thompson – 9 Songs
Dub Trio – Another Sound Is Dying

Early Day Miners – Jefferson at Rest
Earth – Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light
Earth – The Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Skull
EF – Mourning Golden Morning
Einstürzende Neubauten – Silence Is Sexy
Elevate – The Architect
Elfin Saddle – Ringing for the Begin again
Enablers – End Note
Enablers – Output Negative Space
Envy – Insomniac Doze
Eraas – Eraas
Esmerine – Dalmak
Esmerine – La Lechuza
Ex, The – Catch My Shoe
Explosions in the Sky – The Earth Is not a Cold Dead Place
Explosions in the Sky – Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die,…

Fabrizio Paterlini – The Art of the Piano
Falling Man – Falling Man
Family Curse – Twilight Language
Faraquet – The View from This Tower
Federico Albanese – The Houseboat and the Moon
Filiamotsa Soufflant Rhodes – Filiamotsa Soufflant Rhodes
Flipo Mancini – Distorted Lovesongs
Flower Travellin’ Band – Made in Japan
Fly Pan Am – Ceux qui inventent n’ont jamais vécu
Flying Horseman – City Same City
Flying Horseman – Twist
Flying Horseman – Wild Eyes
For Carnation, The – The For Carnation
Fordamage – Volta Desviada
Fridge – The Sun
From Monument to Masses – On Little Known Frequencies
Fugazi – End Hits
Fugazi – Red Medicine
Fuzz – Fuzz

Ganger – Fore
Ganger – Hammock Style
Garden, The – Rules
Germans, The – Mother Sings in Front of the House
Ghost – Hypnotic Underworld
Giardini di Miro – Dividing Opinions
Giardini di Miro – Good Luck
Girls against Boys – Cruise Yourself
Girls against Boys – House of GVSB
Girls against Boys – Venus Luxure No 1, Baby
Glenn Branca – The Ascension
Glorie – Falling EP
Glorie – Glorie
Goat – World Music
God Is an Astronaut – God Is an Astronaut
God Machine, The – One Last Laugh in a Place of Dying
God Machine, The – Scenes from the Second Storey
Godspeed You Black Emperor – Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!
Godspeed You Black Emperor – Lifr Yr Skinny Fists like Antennas to Heaven
Grails – Burning off Impurities
Grails – Deep Politics
Grails – Redlight
Gregor Samsa – 55:12
Grim – White Light

Hangedup – Kicker in Tow
Hella – There’s No 666 in Outer Space
Helmet – Meantime
Henry Blacker – Hungry Dogs Will Eat Dirty Puddings
Him – Our Point of Departure
His Electro Blue Voice – Ruthless Sperm
Hitch – Clair.Obscur
Hitch – Trails Are Ablaze
Holy Mountain – Ancient Astronauts
Hoquets – Belgotronics
Hrsta – Stem Stem in Electro
Hurtmold – Mestro

I Like Trains – Elegies to Lessons Learnt
I Like Trains – Progress / Reform
If These Trees Could Talk – Above the Earth, Below the Sky
If These Trees Could Talk – If These Trees Could Talk
Irepress – Sol Eye Sea I
Isis – Celestial
Isis – In the Absence of Truth
Isis – Oceanic
Isis – Panopticon

Jaga Jazzist – What We Must
Jawbox – For Your Own Special Sweetheart
Jeniferever – Spring Tides
Jesus and Mary Chain – Psychocandy
Jesus and Mary Chain – Automatic
Jesus Lizard – Shot
Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures
June of 44 – Engine Takes to the Water
June of 44 – Four Great Points
Juno – A Future Lived in Past Tense

Kabul Golf Club – Le Bal du Rat Mort
Karate – Karate
Karate – Unsolved
Karma to Burn – Almost Heathen
Keelhaul – Subject to Change without Notice
Kill Yourself – Soft Touch of Man
King Crimson – Red
Kinski – Airs Above Your Station
Kong – Earmined
Kong – Phlegm
Kylesa – Spiral Shadow

Labradford – Labradford
Lali Puna – Scary World Theory
Lento – Anxiety, Despair, Languish
Les Savy Fav – Let’s Stay Friends
Lesbian – Power Hor
Liars – They Threw Us All-in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top
Lightning Bolt – Hypermagic Mountain
Lite – Phantasia
Little Trouble Kids – Haunted Hearts
Long Fin Killie – Houdini
Long Fin Killie – Valentino
Loop – Heaven’s End
Lost in Kiev – Motions
Lower Forty-Eight – Apertures
Lungfish – Artificial Horizon
Lustre King – Shoot the Messenger

Magyar Posse – Kings of Time
Mamiffer – Mare Decendrii
MannGold de Cobre – MannGold de Cobre
Mannheim – Super-Empowered
Manta Ray – Estratexa
Maserati – Inventions For The New Season
Maserati – Passages
Maserati – Pyramid of the Sun
Mass, The – City of Dis
Meanwhile, Back in Communist Russia – My Elixir, My Poison
Melvins – A Senile Animal
Melvins – Nude with Boots
Mercury Program, The – A Data Learn the Language
Mercury Program, The – From the Vapor of Gasoline
Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses – Manfauna
Miasma & the Carousel of Headless Horses – Perils
Miava – Essay on Bentham
Mice Parade – Mokoondi
Migala – La Increible Aventura
Minor Forest, A – Flemish Altruism
Minor Forest, A – Inindependence
Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica
Mogwai – Happy Songs for Happy People
Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, but You Will
Mogwai – Young Team
Moly – Moly
Mono – Hymn to the Immortal Wind
Mono – One Step More and You Die
Mono – Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined
Mosquito – We Are Society
Most Secret Method, The – Get Lovely
Motek – Motek
Motorpsycho – Angels and Daemons at Play
Motorpsycho – Black Hole / Blank Canvas
Motorpsycho – Trust Us
Mugstar – Axis
Mugstar – Sun, Broken
My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything
My Bloody Valentine – Loveless
My Bloody Valentine – MBV

Neu! – Neu!
Neurosis – Given to the Rising
Neurosis – Souls at Zero
New Bleeders – New Bleeders
New Wet Kojak – This Is the Glamorous
Nils Frahm – Felt
Notwist, The – Neon Golden
Notwist, The – Shrink

Ocean, The – Fogdiver
OM – Advaitic Songs
OM – God Is Good
Ostinato – Left too Far Behind
Ought – More than any Other Day
Oxes – Oxes
Oxes – Oxxxes

Paper Chase, The – Now You Are One of Us
Paper Chase, The – Someday This Could All Be Yours Vol. 1
Papir – IIII
Parlour – Googler
Parlour – Simulacrenfield
Part Chimp – I Am Come
Part Chimp – Thriller
Pavement – Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Pavement – Wowee Zowee
Peach Pit – Suspicious Cargo
Pele – Enemies
Pelican – City of Echoes
Pelican – The Fire in Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
Pentark – Ha! Ha! Ha!
Pere Ubu – Ray Gun Suitcase
Peter Kernel – White Death Black Heart
PG Lost – Key
Photographic, The – Pictures of a Changing World
Piano Magic – Part Monster
Pilod – Sunny Forecast
Pinback – This Is a Pinback CD
Pinback – Blue Screen Life
Pirate Ship Quintet – The Pirate Ship Quintet
Pitchblende – Gygax
PJ Harvey – Rid of Me
PJ Harvey – To Bring You My Love
Poltergeist – Your Mind Is a Box (Let’s Fill It with Wonder)
Polvo – Exploded Drawing
Polvo – Shapes
Polvo – Siberia
Pop. 1280 – The Horror
Poppy Ackroyd – Escapement
Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet
Portables, De – Cherubijn EP
Primus – Frizzle Fry
Primus – Tales from the Punchbowl

Q and not U – Different Damage
Quicksand – Slip

Rachel’s – The Sea and the Bells
Raketkanon – RKTKN #1
Rape Blossoms – Ruinenlust
Red Sparowes – At the Soundless Dawn
Red Sparowes – Every Red Heart Shines toward the Red Sun
Redneck Manifesto – I Am Brazil
Refused – The Shape of Punk to Come
Rex – 3
Ride – Nowhere
Rien – Il ne Peut y Avoir de Prédiction sans Avenir
Rodan – Rusty
Rothko – A Continual Search for Origins
Russian Circles – Empros
Russian Circles – Geneva
Russian Circles – Station

Samuel Jackson Five – Goodbye Melody Mountain
Samuel Jackson Five – The Samuel Jackson Five
Sankt Otten – Messias Maschine
Savages – Silence Yourself
Schwarz – Arty Party
Scraps of Tape – Grand Letdown
Scraps of Tape – Read between the Lines at All Times
Scraps of Tape – This Is A Copy Is This A Copy
Scratch Acid – Scratch Acid
SDNMT – The Goal Is to Make the Animals Happy
Seam – Are You Driving Me Crazy?
Seam – The Problem with Me
Sebadoh – Bakesale
Sebadoh – Harmacy
Secret Chiefs 3 – Xaphan: The Book of Angels, Vol. 9
Seigmen – Metropolis
September Malevolence – After this Darkness, There's a Next
Shannon Wright – In Film Sound
Shellac – 1000 Hurts
Shellac – At Action Park
Shels – Plains of the Purple Buffalo
Shels – Sea of the Dying Dhow
Shipping News – Flies the Fields
Shipping News – Save Everything
Shora – Malval
Shrinebuilder – Shrinebuilder
Sickoakes – Seawards
Sierpinski – Evening Water Project
Sigur Rós – ( )
Sigur Ros – Kveikur
Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band – 13 Blues for Thirteen Moons
Silver Mt Zion Memorial Orchestra – Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything
Six Parts Seven – Things Shaped in Passing
Slint – Spiderland
Slint – Tweez
Sloan – Smeared
Slowdive – Just for a Day
Slowdive – Souvlaki
Sofa – Grey
Solbakken – Klonapet
Sonic Youth – Daydream Nation
Sonic Youth – Dirty
Sonic Youth – Goo
Sonna – Smile and the World Smiles with You
Sonson – A Shine below the Mound
Sophia – The Infinite Circle
Spacemen 3 – The Perfect Prescription
Sparkmarker – Products & Accessories
Spiritualized – Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
Spookhuisje – Spookhuisje
Squirrel Bait – Squirrel Bait
Stadt – Some Kind of Diversion
Statue – Statue
Steven Wilson – Grace for Drowning
STNNNG – Empire Inward
Stone Roses – The Stone Roses
StormAndStress – Under Thunder and Fluorescent Light
Sugar – Beaster
Suicide – Suicide
Sunny Day Real Estate – How It Feels to Be Something on
Superconductor – Hit Songs for Girls
Swans – My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky
Swans – The Seer
Sweek – The Shooting Star’s Sigh
Sweek – The Unbelievable Cinematic Crash
Swell – Too Many Days without Thinking

Talk Talk – Laughing Stock
Tar – Over and out
Tarentel – From Bone to Satellite
Teeth of the Sea – Your Mercury
Television – Marquee Moon
These Arms Are Snakes – This Is Meant to Hurt You EP
This Heat – Deceit
This Will Destroy You – This Will Destroy You
Three Mile Pilot – Another Desert, A nother Sea
Three Mile Pilot – Na Vucca do Lupu
Three Mile Pilot – The Chief Assassin to the Sinister
Thumbnail – Red! Dead!
Tides from Nebula – Earthshine
Todd – Purity Pledge
Toe – For Long Tomorrow
Tomahawk – Anonymous
Tomahawk – Mit Gas
Tomàn – Perhaps We Should Have Smoked the Salmon First
Tomàn – Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear
Tone – Solidarity
Tool – Aenima
Tool – Lateralus
Tool – Opiate
Torche – Harmonicraft
Torche – In Return
Torche – Meanderthal
Tortoise – It’s All around You
Tortoise – Millions Now Living Will Never Die
Trans Am – Sex Change
Trans Am – Surrender to the Night
Transit – Whitewater
Tristeza – A Colores
Tristeza – Mania Phase EP

Ufomammut – Idolum
Ui – Sidelong
Unwed Sailor – Little Wars
Unwound – Leaves Turn inside You
Up-C Down-C – Firewolf
US Christmas – Run Thick in the Night

Van Pelt, The – Sultans of Sentiment
Vandal X – God Knows
Vaz – Dying to Meet You
Velvet Underground & Nico – The Velvet Underground & Nico
Vessels – White Fields and Open Devices
Volt – Rörhät

We Stood like Kings – Berlin 1927
We vs. Death – We too Are Concerned / We Are too Concerned
White Hills – White Hills
White Manna – White Manna
Whores – Ruiner EP
Wire – Send
Wixel – Somewhere between the Sun and The Moon
Wooden Shjips – Dos
Workhouse, The – The End of the Pier

Yawns – Demo
Year of No Light – Ausserwelt
Year of No Light – Tocsin
Yo la Tengo – I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One
Yob – Atma
Young Widows – In and out of Youth and Lightness
Young Widows – Old Wounds
Yuko – Long Sleeves Cause Accidents
Yvette – Process

Zu – Carboniferous

Dit najaar: 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect!

De Geluidsarchitect bestaat dit najaar 15 jaar!  Vorlopig staat alvast het onderstaande op het programma.  Eerstvolgende uitzending: volgende week dinsdag 16 september.

"This radio show plays contemporary music that stands out in creativity, extreme power or intense beauty."

>>> Dinsdag 16/09 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Goat + Moon Duo + White Hills + Bo Ningen + Crows (21/09 live in de AB)
>>> Dinsdag 23/09 (20u): interview met Drums Are for Parades + vrijkaarten te winnen voor hun optreden in de Magasin 4 + vrijkaarten te winnen voor Part Chimp  (26/09 live in Magasin 4)
>>> Dinsdag 30/09 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Helmet (02/10 live in de AB)

>>> Dinsdag 07/10 (20u): special en interview Scratch+Snuffest + weekendtickets te winnen! + The Glücks te gast
>>> Dinsdag 14/10 (20u): interview met Nordmann + vrijkaarten te winnen voor Peter Broderick (16/10 live in Stuk)
>>> Dinsdag 21/10 (20u): uitzending
>>> Dinsdag 28/10 (20u): uitzending
>>> Woensdag 29/10 (20u30): te gast bij Runderground (RUN, Namur)

>>> Dinsdag 04/11 (20u): uitzending
>>> Dinsdag 04/11 (21u): De Geluidsarchitect-muziekquiz (café Libertad, Leuven)
>>> Zondag 09/11 (18u): te gast bij Kool Strings (48 FM, Luik)
>>> Dinsdag 11/11 (20u): twee uur durende uitzending: 15 jaar De Geluidsarchitect (Radio Scorpio, Leuven)
>>> Dinsdag 18/11 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Trans Am (22/11 live in de Beursschouwburg)
>>> Dinsdag 25/11 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor Zu + Morkobot + [SIC] (04/12 live in Magasin 4)

>>> Dinsdag 02/12 (22u): te gast bij Daydream Nation (Radio Panik, Brussel) (geen uitzending op Scorpio vandaag)
>>> Dinsdag 09/12 (20u): vrijkaarten te winnen voor BRNS (18/12 live in Stuk)
>>> Dinsdag 16/12 (20u): jaaroverzicht – het beste van 2014

De Geluidsarchitect – Het beste van 2013

Jaaroverzicht – Top 15 van 2013

1. Shannon Wright – In Film Sound
Shannon Wright overtreft zichzelf met een intense en nagenoeg perfecte plaat, met dank aan de strakke ritmesectie van ex-Shipping News.

2. His Electro Blue Voice – Ruthless Sperm
Italianen op Sub Pop. Zonder meer de vetste release van 2013. Te noteren: 16/01/2014, Magasin 4, Brussel.

3. Esmerine – Dalmak
De prachtige arrangementen van dit neoklassieke gezelschap + de rauwe energie van drie muzikanten uit Istanbul = de beste plaat uit hun carrière. Bezegeld met een prachtig optreden op Autumn Falls.

4. Flying Horseman – City Same City
Zou Flying Horseman ooit eens een mindere plaat kunnen maken? De vraag stellen is ze beantwoorden. Derde prachtplaat op rij, met vooral een indrukwekkende tweede helft.

5. The Black Heart Rebellion – Har Nevo
Met success verveld van extraverte posthardcore naar dreigende en subtiel gearrangeerde songs. Interview op onze Mixcloud-pagina.

6. Glorie – Falling
Simpelweg de mooiste muziek van het jaar verzameld op een EP’tje.

7. The Garden – Rules
Het folieke van dit jaar: ultraminimalistische punksongs met bas en drums, maar ook met aanstekelijkheidsfactor tien. Te noteren: 20/02/2014, Madame Moustache, Brussel.

8. Fuzz – Fuzz
Ty Segall bracht de ene na de andere plaat uit op eigen naam, maar drumt zich met dit trio in onze eindejaarslijst. Zijn meest opwindende release van 2013, vonden wij.

9. Stadt – Some Kind of Diversion
Pop en psychedelica op hoog niveau. Interview op onze Mixcloud-pagina (bis).

10. Whores. – Clean
De beste noiserock pur sang uit 2013, en hun tweede straffe EP op rij. Nu een volwaardig debuut!

11. Condor Gruppe – Condor Gruppe
Laten we eerlijk zijn: dit is geen demo meer. Vier aanstekelijke en uitstekend gearrangeerde songs vormen een groovy mix van krautritmes, surf en seventies-soundtracks. Twee van de vier tracks kregen intussen al hun eigen 7 inch. Interview op onze Mixcloud-pagina (ter).

12. Polvo – Siberia
Op hun tweede comeback-plaat is dit kwartet met het onnavolgbare geluid weer in topvorm. Check hun back catalogue en sla stijl achterover.

13. Miava – Essay on Bentham
Ook vaste waarden Russian Circles en Pelican brachten goeie platen uit, maar dit jonge viertal uit Lichtervelde moest zeker niet onderdoen. Interview op onze Mixcloud-pagina (quarter).

14. Russian Circles – Memorial
Constante kwaliteit, ook na 5 releases, met een kleine gastbijdrage van Chelsea Wolfe.

15. Lost in Kiev – Motions
Franse postrock op Dunk!Records. Fenomenaal goed op het Dunk!festival. Interview op onze Mixcloud-pagina (quinquies).

En, in alfabetische volgorde:
Chelsea Wolfe
Dans Dans
Falling Man
The Germans
Mikal Cronin
My Bloody Valentine
Secret Chiefs 3
Sigur Ros

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