The Vineyard

The Vineyard brings you reggae tunes since 1995, the best of different subgenres such as ska, rocksteady, roots and dub. On a regular basis we also try to bring you specials about relevant topics or specific artists. Occasionally we also have interviews with artists, showcases of Belgian groups, DJs and sound systems or give away gifts like free tickets.

You can listen to some of our sessions on our Mixcloud or via

Bij The Vineyard brengen we sinds 1998 reggae tunes, het beste uit verschillende subgenres zoals ska, rocksteady, roots en dub. Regelmatig komen specials aan bod over relevante onderwerpen of over specifieke artiesten. Af en toe hebben we ook interviews met artiesten, showcases van belgische groepen, dj’s en soundsystems, of geven we kadootjes weg zoals gratis tickets.

Enkele sessie kunnen herbeluisterd en gedownload worden via onze Mixcloud of via 


We zijn terug met een eerste uitzending van ons dit jaar. Covers. Jawel, covers van onder andere The Animals, Carlos Santana, Joy Division, Nirvana, John Lennon, Isaac Hayes, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd…in een reggaejasje.

Zeker luisteren morgenavond van 21u – 23u. naar The Vineyard hier op radio Scorpio. Happy newyear!!

We wish you a reggae Christmas tonight

Vanavond onze jaarlijke Kerstspecial bij the Vineyard! 2 uurtjes later dan gewoonlijk, van 23u tem middernacht kunnen we samen jingle bellen en genieten van reggae kerstvibes!

Tune in tonight for the yearly Christmas special of the Vineyard! Tonight 2 hours later than usual, from 23h till 00h you can jingle bell together with us and enjoy some reggae Christmas vibes!

Anti Racism episode tonight

The protest against racism in America and around the world has been dominating the news for a week. Politicians, activists and celebrities worldwide are addressing the systematic violence the black community has endured for decades. #BlackLivesMatter is also the topic of conversation in many places. To address this problem and send our support, tonight we will have a 2 hour anti-racism special here on The Vineyard.

Tune in from 9 till 11 pm!

Expect some trusted artists tonight

Hopelijk is deze miserie snel voorbij maar niet getreurd, wij zijn er elke week om vanuit ons kot jullie van sweet reggae music te voorzien in jullie kot!
Verwacht je aan the regulars: John Holt, Triston Palmer, Eek A Mouse, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Freddie McKay, Johnny Osbourne en vele andere. Een 2 uur durende Vineyard; afspraak om 21u op Radio Scorpio!

Hopefully, this situation will soon be over but until then, do not worry, we are here every week to take care of bringing sweet reggae music from our home to your living room.
Expect the regulars: John Holt, Triston Palmer, Eek A Mouse, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Freddie McKay, Johnny Osbourne, and many others. 2 hours The Vineyard Reggaeradio; appointment at 9 pm on Radio Scorpio!