The World’s end

Britain's biggest tabloid newspaper the News of the World will be published one last time this sunday after Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the News Corporation, decided that enough was enough after a series of recent scandals. 

The astonishing news will come as  a big shock to the faithful readers of the News of the World, who over the years had become accustomed to celebrity gossip and spicy sex stories. A source close to dedicated reader David Camberbom said: 'David is f*****g appaled by the news. He loved his newspaper and believes he will now fall into a black hole.'  Another loyal reader Sebacca Rooks couldn't hide her dismay either: 'Where is the freedom of speech? Where is the freedom of press? This country is going downhill.'

The News of the World was first published in 1843 and sold daily about 3 million copies throughout the years. Loved across the UK, many will be left in disbelief and dispair.  Allow us to say: RIP NOTW !