Beluister het halfjaaroverzicht van De Geluidsarchitect!

Beluister hier de laatste uitzending (29 mei 2012: halfjaaroverzicht!)

De beste platen van januari tot nu…


De Geluidsarchitect 2012-20 (29-05-2012) by De Geluidsarchitect on Mixcloud

The Samuel Jackson Five – Never-Ending Now (The Samuel Jackon Five)
BRNS – Thru the Graveyard    (Wounded)
I Like Trains – Reykjavik (The Shallows)
Flying Horseman – Road (Twist)
Anywhere – Rosa Rugosa (Anywhere)
Motorpsycho – Into the Mystic (The Death Defying Unicorn)
If These Trees Could Talk – Barren Lands of a Modern Dinosaur    (Red Forest)
PG Lost – Terrain (Key)
Disappears – Replicate (Pre Language)
New Bleeders – Ox Blood (New Bleeders)
Torche – In Pieces (Harmonicraft)