netwaves.bpm Re-Issue, Last edition: Contrasts

This week 's the last week of the 2010-2011 season on Radio Scorpio!
In the last netwaves.bpm Re-Issue series we focus on contrasts:

23hr-00hr: Uptempo, Breaks, DnB,…
'Music for your Foodburning Pleasure', mixed by Indip, ft tracks from the catalogues of Planet Terror Records, No Logo (sub of Sojus Records Networks International Netlabel), Toucan Music, Kreislauf.Organization, iD.EOLOGY.

00hr-01hr: Downtempo, Chill, Dub…
'Some Fragments of Passages' mixed by Jasper Nijsmans (aka jspr). Enjoy tracks of the 'Passage' & 'Fragment' department of FUSELab.

So from now of we can celebrate 5yrs netwaves! and we'll do it with a big party on the 19th of november in Leuven… More details very soon!
Grtz 'n Beatz,