inoQuo is the project born at 2005 in Barcelona whose spirit is to be a platform to let know new talents around the world, dedicating mainly to electronic abstraction and minimal techno. They share all their releases for free download using Creative Commons licenses and make a collaboration network between artists from different disciplines.
Antiritmo is a Spanish project born in 2006 whose main intention is to promote and distribute the work of new artists without any economic or commercial purpose.
Enjoy! RuE9

The Maas-Dijle connection!

2Night netwaves.bpm draws a line from Maastricht to Leuven!
The Maastricht-based Dj Wout ( will introduce you in his musical mind, inspired by travelings or special occasions in his life.
He shares mixes on mixotic now and then and made a special for netwaves.bpm!
At the end of the week it will be released in our own netwaves.bpm-collection on (more info soon…)

The first our of the new day RuE9 smacks fresh (and less fresh) netaudiobeats to your ears! Beware! Shake that booty!

Three tons of black and white German kettles

Are things coming from Germany only black and white?
What we know already: they're heavy, at least 3 tons!
But how the weight is spread and what can be found between black and white will be answered in de two mixes presented by RuE9:
23hr-00hr: SchwarzWeissMusik
00hr-01hr: Dreiton

Enjoy & read-on…

Schwarzweissmusik is german house and techno netlabel meanwhile focusing on releasing and promoting the music of friends and people that are close to their friends. As you can hear the artists produce high quality tracks destined for clubs, but they give away their tracks for free. All the tracks are licensed by Creative Common Rights, but you're welcome to play the releases during for-profit DJ performances.You'll find all the releases free for downloading on

Since beginning of 2006 the german net-audio-label published electronic music whose center is the minimal-techno, ambient and electronica.
all releases are free available as mp3 (192kp or 320kp) for noncommercial use by
not commercial thinking but the possibility for musicians/ projects to present the results a bright listenership is standing in foreground.
You can find all the releases at

It’s all about percentages… they say…

PROZENT MUSIC ( is a German netlabel (based in Berlin) founded in february 2009. The aim of PROZENT MUSIC is to release and promote, mostly, Tech-House music and provide upcoming artists a platform to do so.
The artists keep the rights on their material according to the CC-license.

22 times they released georgious music and 23 is on the way…
Enjoy a 2hr during trip trough '%-land' served by RuE9 and big thanx to all the artists for the delicious tracks…

Available for download now!

Fame to the Infamous Buda

RuE9 brengt u lekkere beats van het Australische Infamous Light Recordings.
I.L.R. is een creatie van Praveen "PJ" Jayarajan die het netlabel stichtte begin 2004.
Ondertussen brengen ze ook commerciële releases uit, zowel digitaal als op vinyl.
Enjoy these progressive and tech-house beats between 23hr-00hr

Het tweede uur zal gevuld worden met lekkere downtempo, sweetbeats en lounge bijeengesprokkeld en gemixt door wederom RuE9. De inspiratie komt uit het archief van het Hongaarse en zeker niet onbekende Budabeats.
Luistert u allen smakelijk…

netwaves.bpm visits Apartment1907 and discovers La-Pikki-Pikki

Apartment1907, a small but very fine netlabel based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. At Apartment1907 they not only release gorgious Tech House, Minimal & Techno tracks but they're also a booking agency for Alain Aguayo, Anagram, Ander B, CanDJane, CTRL, DJ Raid, DML, Janmario, JonDrum

Enjoy between23hr-00hr

A source for free music. Their main focus is on quality sound beyond genre borders, always danceable and with soul. The approach is not to release isolated tracks, but to publish complete releases as well rounded works. If the back catalogue seems too colorful to you, you have not yet understood the idea behind la-pikki-pikki. They do not try to be obsessively unconventional or innovative, but we will also not devote to beaten paths.

Enjoy La-Pikki-Pikki betwen 00hr-01hr


netwaves.bpm: Stadt|Gruen – Culture|Nature – Tech|Chill

How different but also connected!
Culture & Nature

A retrospective trough the 2 chapters of the hamburg-based netlabel Stadtgruen,
The first chapter, Culture is a story about twisted techno and impressions from Motorcity, The chapter Nature brings the deepest ambient and contemporary grooves.

From 23hr-00hr: The 'Culture' story, put-on your dancing shoes and we'll make you sweat!
From 00hr-01hr: A trip through 'Nature', put away your dancing shoes and chill…

Enjoy Stadtgruen! (